Established in June 2017, Allenby Law is a friendly and client-oriented law firm that focuses primarily on Real Estate, Wills & Estates and Business Law with a few added bonuses like notaries and commissioning of oaths. Head on over to our What We Do page for more information on how we can help you. Be sure to keep reading below for a little about the team!

Meet Kerry Allenby. Kerry is our sole lawyer here at Allenby Law. She has been practicing law since 2005 and in Fort McMurray since 2006! She has a real love for her work and it shows when she's with her clients. She loves taking those long, wordy documents and slimming down the content to make the appointment smooth and fun like a coffee date with friends! Did we mention we have an awesome coffee bar? See you soon! 


Say hi to Lori Curry! She's the newest member to our team! There's no one like her. Chances are if you have spoken to her she had you in stitches laughing. With her strong work ethic and goofy attitude she's definitely the best for our front desk representative role. Next time you are in the area pop by and say hello to our witty lady at the front, she looks forward to meeting you and we look forward to the smiles she will no doubt give our clients!


Now introducing Monique Raw! Monique is our detail- oriented and very knowledgeable real estate conveyancer. If you have a real estate file with our office, and we hope you do, Monique is who will be preparing your file before it lands in Kerry's hands for signing. How did she become so knowledgeable you ask? The answer to that is simply working as a real estate conveyancer since 2006 and can you believe she's worked with Kerry since 2010! Talk about a dream team!

Finally, let's get you acquainted with Raylene Dwyer. Raylene is our "handle it all" office manager. She let's Kerry and the team focus on the clients while she handles the day to day aspects of the office. You may see Raylene at the front from time to time covering Lori's area, or you may see her wandering around the office looking for ways to improve it! She would love to get your feedback so drop by and let her know how we did! 

There you have it, you've met your legal team! Now what are you waiting for? Give us a call, pop by, we want to get to know you too!