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Real Estate

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Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or building your home we want to help you! At Allenby Law we pride ourselves on putting our clients best interest first and assisting with the legal "mumbo jumbo" that can sometimes take away from the excitement of your new milestone. Let us break it down and explain your contract terms, work alongside your realtor and lender and celebrate with you as you start a new chapter in your life! With competitive pricing and friendly, down to earth atmosphere, we are waiting for your call!

Wills & Estates

Person Writing

There comes a time in life when you start to think about the future, your family and how they will be taken care of should the worst happen. We can assist you with this difficult decision by breaking down the "what if" situations and contemplating what is best for you and those closest to you. Whether it be a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Personal Directive, we can help guide you through! Our consultations are always free, come in, have a chat. Let us show you how easy we can make this process! 

Business Law

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Whether you are starting a new business or already have one its a good idea to get legal advice on how to best structure your company. It could be to incorporate a company, form a partnership or become a sole proprietor. Perhaps you need protective agreements such as Shareholder Agreements or Employee Contracts. Whatever your stage let us help you ensure you are starting off or continuing on the best path.  

We are also happy to help you with your Notary, Commissioning of Oaths and Contract Review needs!
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